Customer Payment Information

Paper Check:

We accept personal and business paper checks by standard US email, certified mail, and express.
Fall Fittings, Inc. 380 State Route 208 New Paltz, NY 12561

We accept e-checks via phone request or via email. Simply call with your routing or account number or email a picture of a fully completed check and we can convert it into an electronic payment.

  • Please Note a processing fee may apply.
  • Phone: 845-255-5710
  • Email:

One Time Credit Card:
We accept Via, MasterCard, and discover credit cards. Please complete the credit card authorization form to process a credit card payment and return it to us. You can also call and make a payment over the phone.


Automatic Charge:
We offer automatic credit card charge of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Automatic charges can be schedule once a month on a specific day daily after each shipment.

Bank Transfer

We accept incoming ACH payments. Bank information is below. Please email us to obtain our ACH baking information. Please be sure to forward all remittance information to ensure proper processing.



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