Project Management

Every project is assigned to a member of our operations team and is overseen by one of our executives, ensuring that not a single detail of a project goes missing. Our operations team wear many hats and will coordinate with many different departments to handle a wide range of tasks including scope leveling, contract negotiations, insurance, submittals, RFIs, initial coordination, buyout of special-order material and so much more. Our operations team goes unmatched against any competitor of ours.

At the core of all our systems is Procore. Procore is a cloud-based system providing a platform to facilitate all project management functions including document control, meetings, scheduling, punch lists, change events and so much more. Connecting Owners, Architect & engineers, General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and material suppliers gives us an unmatched advantage keeping every member of the project team connected and updated in real time. The best part, it’s free to you! We cover the cost of the Procore platform, and we make is available all of our clients on every project.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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